Our staff is comprised of dedicated and licensed professionals with the experience to answer all your questions regarding our services. Please feel free to contact any of our staff members at any time.

Family owned since 1957
(left to right) L.W. “Mickey” Seale, Billy Seale, Taylor Seale

Seale Funeral Home Staff

Bobby Suchman
General Manager / Funeral Director

22 Years Experience

Tracy Carpenter-Schexnaydre, CFSP
Cemetery and Preneed Manager / Funeral Director

25 Years Experience

John Jamison
Funeral Director

19 Years Experience

Chuck Jamison
Funeral Director

51 Years Experience

Corey Delamar
Funeral Director

1 Years Experience

Betty Aswell

30 Years of Service

Christine Martin
Accountant / Controller

21 Years of Service

David Lance
Evergreen Memorial Park and Monument

5 Years of Service

Kemberly Williamson

1 Year of Service

Stephanie Smith Lawrence

2 Years of Service

Alan Mack
Personnel Director / Funeral Assistant

5 Years of Service

Jeff Gill
Monument & Memorials

35 Years of Service

Taylor Seale
Groundskeeping Manager / Evergreen Memorial Park

9 Years of Service

Cole Rabalais
Groundskeeping Supervisor / Evergreen Memorial Park

5 years of service