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April 1, 2024by SealeUser6

April 26, 1947 ~ March 29, 2024

Nancy Evelyn Veraldi Williams

We will dearly miss our loving mother, grandma, and friend, Nancy Evelyn Veraldi Williams.  She was born 76 years ago to Joseph Anthony Veraldi and Katherine Hawryliw on April 26, 1947 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Nancy peacefully passed away on March 29, 2024, in her home of twenty years in Denham Springs, Louisiana.  Migrating from the north to the south, she resided in Baton Rouge for many decades with her husband of 49 years.  Defined by her rich Italian and unique Pennsylvania heritage, she valued time around the table feeding family and friends.  Never unprepared to materialize a feast of sauce and meatballs for whoever entered her home.  She kept busy in her early years with a job in human resources at Kmart.  This was followed by an award-winning career in real estate with D.R. Horton, during which she sold many homes to families in Denham Springs as well as those displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Nancy was preceded in death by her parents, Joseph and Katherine Veraldi, her husband John Hillman Williams, her brother Robert Veraldi, her younger sister, Antoinette Veraldi, and nephew EJ Veraldi. She is survived by her sister Judith Budd and sister-in-law Mary Veraldi. She will be remembered as Grandma, Nino, and a feisty, strong lady by her three children, nine grandchildren, and three great grandchildren: John Joseph and Jamie Williams, Allison and Devin Kennedy, and their son Steve, John Charles Williams; Lanita and Thomas Dedon, Michal and Bryant Bishop, Cody Dedon and fiancee Emily Miller, Megan and Jackson Pierce, Christian Dedon; Joseph Anthony and Carmen Williams, Joseph and Madeline Williams and their children Hosanna and Eliana; Abigail Williams and Benjamin Williams.

Visitation will be held at Seale Funeral Home, Denham Springs on Sunday, April 7, 2024 beginning at 1:00pm. Funeral services will be at 3:00pm with burial to follow in Denham Springs Memorial Cemetery.

The Williams family sincerely appreciates the friends, neighbors, and local community that loved Mom, cared for her, and rescued her when needed. God bless you all, and may your freezer always be full of my mother’s love language, homemade meatballs.




  • Madeline Holder

    April 12, 2024 at 3:10 pm

    We were Nancy’s neighbors. We are so sorry that we are just today receiving the sad news of her passing. She was a big person in a small body. Very kind and always greeted you with a smile. Our deepest sympathies. James and Madeline Holder


  • CJ Johnson

    April 6, 2024 at 3:07 am

    Truly one of the kindest souls who could also tell it like it is. She made me laugh many a time! What a sweetheart.

    Big prayers to all who love her, and there are many.


  • Lanita Dedon

    April 5, 2024 at 11:58 am

    Bless you Steve. She loved you like a son and always enjoyed your cheerful fun disposition. I love hearing about your days at Kmart and how she was loved there.
    Such a blessing for us all to have had Mom’s love, support and example for our lives.


  • Cheri Falcon

    April 4, 2024 at 5:22 pm

    I had the pleasure & privilege to know Ms. Nancy through working with her at D.R. Horton! She was one of the first that welcomed me to the D.R. Horton family nearly 14 years ago now & was always the sweetest to me! Even after she retired to take care of her love/husband, she always kept in touch with me. My prayers are with her family & friends!


    • Lanita Dedon

      April 5, 2024 at 11:50 am

      Thank you for sharing your story. So sweet to hear how she affected people


  • Steve coats

    April 3, 2024 at 10:18 pm

    Although I had 2 loving parents, Mrs. Nancy practically raised me. Being best friends to her youngest child Joey, I spent most of my childhood at her dinner table or rummaging thru her pantry looking for something good to eat. I can honestly say that I never heard a negative word come out that angels mouth. When Joey and I would get in trouble, there would be a look of disappointment that cut WAY deeper than what any words would do. She never judged us and ALWAYS gave us the benefit of the doubt even if she knew we didn’t deserve it.

    Indirectly, she taught me how to love unconditionally….She taught me how to get your point across without raising your voice… She taught me the power of family. All of these things I learned just by watching her….

    She gave me my first job at Kmart knowing my maturity level wasn’t fit for any kind of employment where authority and customers would be involved, but she did it anyway. I will never forget on my very first day in her office, in a very authoritative voice she says, “now Steve, I don’t want you to think that I’m going to hold your hand here and give you preferential treatment just because your best friends with my son…”. I agreed adamantly and went out into the “real world” to begin my work day…I think she came to visit me 6 times in that 4 hour shift, bringing me a different candy bar each time. On Saturdays, she would usually bring me lunch if she went out or something she cooked if she went home. She would call my clock # over the intercom to come to her office where she would give me a canned coke and call the manager of the store that day that I was helping her do something in her office. I cannot begin to tell you how many times she fixed my tie, or licked her hand to brush down my cow-lick. But I never got preferential treatment😉….

    I’m almost positive that she NEVER carried her brief case out the store by herself because the second a stock boy or manager saw her coming, they would grab it and walk it out for her.

    She was as beloved a person as I have ever seen by the entire management team AND all of the workers of that store.

    In all of the years that I got to spend as her surrogate child, I can honestly say She single handedly took a young, and very immature boy and helped turn me into a young man…

    May ALL of heaven feast on her Chicken Cacciatore!!!!


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