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May 31, 2024by SealeUser0
Pamela Pugh Reeves Miller Makar, age 74, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, passed away on May 29, 2024. Born to Carrie Lou and Burt Reeves on March 18th, 1950 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Pamela R. Makar overcame a great number of obstacles in her life and she was unbelievably strong because of it. She was also very intelligent, and had a sassy sense of humor with charisma to spare. To those who were most dear to Pam, she was also a source of endless love and genuine affection. Pam had eclectic taste, and her interests included tennis, flamingos, cats, British murder mysteries (and England in general), books, Mary Poppins, and she was particularly fond of the beach.
But nothing compared to what Pam loved most of all: her two sons, David Miller (Born October 12, 1969) and Michael Makar (Born May 9, 1989). Though she raised each child separately, nearly two decades apart, one thing remained constant in Pam’s parenting: no matter what happened, she always put the needs of her sons above her own and provided them with the most valuable thing a parent can: unconditional love and support. It was Pam’s compassion and respect for her sons that made them into the adult men they are now, both of whom have families of their very own.
In the time the three shared together, David and Michael made sure to remind their mother of one thing: she always had their unconditional love & support, too. And nobody deserved it more. As a person, she was spectacularly unique. As a woman, she was incredibly resilient. And as a mother, she was practically perfect in every way.
Pamela’s memory will be cherished and kept alive by her firstborn son David Miller and his husband Tyler, her second son Michael Makar and his wife Stephanie, and her longtime friend Tom Woodard. She was close to her younger sister Lisa in the west coast and also has a younger brother in Houston. To lovingly close with our mother’s favorite expression, “It don’t matter. None of this matters.”


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